‘Sincere stupidity…’

I’ve just had this exchange with a Facebook friend:

Blessing Shopera:
“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. ” – MartinLuther King Jr.

My response:
Richard Dawkins inevitably comes to mind!

Blessing Shopera:
Chas, Dawkins is a great thinker though i dont agree with everything he says and does.

My response
He’s a great thinker in fields he is competent in, like molecular biology and evolutionary studies. But he becomes ‘sincerely ignorant’ when he makes definitive claims concerning things he does not understand (or is unwilling to accept). I’m thinking here of his blanket denunciation of all things ‘paranormal’, for example.
His life and reputation have become so tied up with Materialism that he is probably now incapable of recognising logic in this field when it is spelled out to him. (I have seen this in other apparently intelligent scientists. They simply become blinded by their dogma.)
I’m quite sure RD is entirely sincere and good-hearted, but that isn’t the point! He is ignorant, and ‘sincerely’ so. Hence he is ‘dangerous’, in that he continues to spread pernicious doctrines which do nobody any good, and which are just as dogmatically stupid as any medieval papal bull on the ‘evils’ of eg Roger Bacon, Bruno, or Gallieo. These popes were not evil men, but ‘sincerely ignorant’ and ‘conscientiously stupid’.
So… clever, yes. Ignorant, yes. ‘Bad’, no! Normal? Absolutely!

(…and ‘dangerous’, just as Martin Luther King says.)

Whaddya think, dear reader??

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