Scenes From a Vegetable Plot

‘…really EASY!’

Chas Griffin gets down and mucky in the vegetable plot to enthuse and share with anyone who doesn’t know a table knife from a garden fork the delights of growing organic veg because, quote,  now that heightened sensibility has taken peacock off the menu, nothing satisfies the old hunter-gatherer in us better than a hatful of zinging-fresh peas’.

With so many vegetable books on the market written by any old celebrity who has been within spitting distance of a nettle, this one is refreshingly different – in fact you might call itthe antidote to gardening books’. It’s a supremely practical book, but Chas takes it to a new level by making it a damn funny book as well which you can read sipping your cocoa at night or alongside your seed catalogues in the potting shed or in the bath.

Either way, this book is unlike any other of the zillions of veg growing books in that it is written for absolute beginners and old hands alike, and positively encourages originality, creativity and inventive solutions and approaches.

Whether you’re already a gardener or not, Chas’s book will be like the clouds parting to inspire you: a revelation taking you, no, pushing you along with his gusto and enthusiasm out of your back door and into the garden because, quite frankly, quote,growing veg is a lot of fun and so easy that any fool can do it, as I have proved’.

Buy Scenes for yourself or buy it for a mate. Or for a mere acquaintance or a total stranger.

If they have a sense of humour, you will be making a new friend.

Ruth Tott, editor The Good Life Press

Reader’s Comment: Hi Chas, Finished SFaVP a few days ago- it’s a great read…as ever! Love your writing style so much…plenty of sound advice mixed in with your wonderful brand of humour, and well seasoned with philosophy and sound eco-politics. Angie

Scenes from a Vegetable Plot is now available from this website or any decent bookshop. I’ll be happy to sign or dedicate it if you so wish.

Scenes from a Vegetable Plot | £12.99 (inc P&P)

Cartoons by Ken Guy

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