Scenes from a Smallholding

Publishing News:

‘Great fun to read…Money may be short, but Griffin’s freedom, his love of
the country and the happiness of his family shine off the page’

Scott Pack, Buying Manager, Waterstones Bookshops:

‘This is a gem of a book …. well written and genuinely funny… a very funny and heartwarming book’

Kate Watkins, Century Books, Random House

‘… very very well written, and very funny…’

Welsh Books Council

‘…hilarious and traumatic experiences…’

Western Mail

‘..incredibly witty…. filled with a passion…’

Mat Coward in the Morning Star, London

‘A minor classic.. informative, provocative, and frequently hilarious. Griffin is a natural writer, whose easy wit combines with an obvious passion for his subject to provide an unrivalled insight into a tough but satisfying way of life.’

Alan Gear, Chief Executive, HDRA ‘The Organic Way’

‘On one level, Scenes from a Smallholding can be looked at as an excellent and amusing read – a Bill Bryson ‘down on the farm’. Yet, for anyone contemplating growing organic vegetables commercially as part of a self-sufficient lifestyle change, I would say make sure that you read this book first!

I must confess that often when I review books it is on the basis of a quickish scan rather than devouring them from cover to cover. Not so with Chas’s book. I couldn’t put it down. It has become essential bedtime reading, ensuring that I go to sleep with a smile on my face.

If you buy no other book this year, get this one.’

Liz Shankland, Farming Supplement, the Western Mail

‘.. apart from the poignant moments, there are a lot of laughs in this book, so beware of strange looks if you find yourself reading in the company of strangers.

I’ve no doubt that ‘Scenes’ will prove just as much a hit with would-be Good Lifers, who are contemplating a switch to rural ‘bliss’, as with those living cosily in suburbia, who buy Country Life magazine every month and make a point of asking loudly in restaurants if the veg is organic, but would never dream of getting their Hunter wellies dirty.
‘Scenes from a Smallholding’ is sure to find its way into Christmas stockings this year.’

David Nobbs (writer and dramatist)

‘..a fascinating account of learning a new life out in the sticks… the tears but also the laughs’