Readers’ Comments


Readers’ Comments as of July 2012


I really do think this is one of the most revealing books currently available. A fabulously fascinating book.
Mark, USA

I am really enjoying  it –  it’s got that strong narrative feel – a building of a story so it’s quite a page turner – whilst there are complex ideas it’s written in an accessible amusing and engaging way – no sign of patronising (unlike alot of science !)
In many ways reading it is refreshing thinking I have left to one side for far too long,
It’s a page turner but I am taking my time to do it justice
John, UK

I received your book and have finished reading it. I like  its general premise and it is written well. Congratulations on writing a stimulating text.
Subhash Kak, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA

I have been reading your book with interest… though reading on a blackberry playbook is proving problematic as I keep losing where I’ve got to. I must admit I am finding it quite thought provoking. Is there going to be a paper version?
Linda, UK

It is brilliant i should say.
It’s like reading EINSTEIN’s “Contemplating The Cosmos” !!
A very nice book i should say. A very nice book indeed, CG.
LE, Indonesia

Chas, have read the beginning of your book and so far I am impressed with the way you “take the reader by the hand”; excellent “pedagogic” writing-style (I am a journalist 😉 which captures my interest and makes me want to read more!
Annelise, Denmark

D+ is a great read. I’m finding it very helpful.
Marcus, philosophy student, Scotland

This has to be the most significant book I have read so far- a book of tremendous scope and impact. I am definitely recommending it to all my friends.As it runs to about 500 pages, I am having to read it 1 chapter per night- but it is really worth the trouble, I find. This has to be the most amazing of any of the books I have ever read . It is even better than the Bible!
Gerry, UK

..and I shall start all over again shortly, just in case I’ve missed anything.
I think if it was a hard copy it wold really “take off” – I can visualise a stack of books on a stand, near the entrance, inside a bookshop.
I also think it will be one of those things that will make you famous long after you’re gorn…
Jane, France

Well, the book works well…  it is an excellent read. Wish you were handier for a chat.

I like D+ very much, you have skilfully woven many threads together and have formed a quite convincing argument against materialism.
Great you introduced Wallace, one of my all-time-favourite-heroes, great to see Crookes discussed, etc.
May your book be read by many readers!
Michael, scientist, Germany

Finally, someone has taken the trouble to talk sense into people. Very sad that only a few will understand what he is really saying.
Mr Simasiku Sr, teacher, Namibia

I found Darwin Plus highly readable, and love the additional information, anecdotes and asides that are built around the main text.
Louise, UK

I have read your book. It has really been a great experience.I was able to explore new realms of life, hitherto unknown to me.Most of the topics,especially the part three, were quite intriguing. You managed to elucidate even the most abstract and abstruse concepts.
I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
Abhijit, India

Thanks for writing the book. I’ve read through it once fairly quickly so might not have taken it all in, but it was an interesting and thought provoking experience
Jamie, UK

You can certainly write! I find the book attention-grabbing, lively and interesting. You make complex ideas easy to understand and are a powerful communicator. The personal journey style is definitely more gripping than abstract argument for a general reader and non-philosopher. Personal is readable.
The book is stimulating, brimful of mental energy, nicely balanced by glimpses of life on the smallholding and coping with the ME. I think it could be inspirational for many people at several levels: a plain man’s quest for meaning, and mind over matter …  You range broadly and achieve the feat of making serious thought entertaining.  It’s chatty, lively, persuasive, well-informed, extremely well-read, strong … combines thought and feeling in a heady mix. I think you may be pioneering a new style in writing about thinking. I can imagine that undergraduates would certainly find this approach a lot easier to cope with than A.J. Ayer, and more enjoyable. 
The book is full of information  – history of science, philosophy, belief, the church …  It’s an exploration into the unknown and belief that would appeal  to any serious-minded or thinking person who has asked him/herself why we’re here, what’s the meaning  of life.
A voyage of discovery, taking the reader along as a welcome passenger. John Bunyan but not a pilgrim’s progress.  A man in search of truth. Using his mind to challenge bigotry and firmly held “establishment” beliefs.   
Ruth, editor, UK

If you like a read that’s thoughtful, researched and stimulating I highly recommend DarwinPlus. Chas Griffin will take you on a personal journey that commands respect in the stories he shares about his own life and his dedication to explore some of the (the one?) gnawing questions which we struggle to find answers to. In many ways Chas has put the subject of ‘disconnection’ on the table and used logic… as a tool to unravel it. The essence of the book will not shock or surprise the ‘thoughtful’ – full credit must go to Chas for making the links and presenting his thinking in a way that’s both entertaining and intelligent. DarwinPlus is a sensitive exploration that everyone with an open mind will enjoy – please share x
Karen, posted on Facebook

I enjoy it so much I will have to tell the whole world how awesome it is, could you send me the link pal?

i love your argument thus ave been able to read 76 pages and i think you have present a better reason and i should open to change.
Hundred thumb up to your book, it quite an eye opener
Samuel, Ghana

I Am reading your book, it is very illuminating. I Hope that it will resolve my doubts.
Omkar, India

Have not finished it yet, but a marvellous book so far.
Terry, UK

You have a wonderful way of explaining things and I love the humour you inject at times….it all helps with the flow. I have this hungy urge to keep going in anticipation of what is to come.

Just a quick word to let you know that I am ploughing my way slowly through the book and that I am very impressed with what I have read so far. An excellent read which has obviously taken a very long time to write.
Dorian, non-conformist minister, Wales.

Your unique gift of writing makes difficult subjects entertaining and accessible…
F. Aster Barnwell, author, Canada

The book makes common sense and most people can understand it. Second, its the kind of book that my mother would like. I really think your book should be translated to Arabic, for several reasons. In the Arab world, for instant, people are so anti-evolutionist, they demonize evolution and consider it an atheistic doctrine. Now, I may not be an Arab, but I know them well enough.
Your work introduces some sort of religious evolutionism, which is just what people here need, and though I may not agree with some of the ideas mentioned in your book, I still think it can serve a great pragmatic cause in this part of the world.
If only I could find the right people to do that…
Piruz, Iran

The scope of the book is broad and yet you seem to deal with particulars adroitly.  I LOVED your term ‘the Mullahs of Materialism’.  I also think the book is necessary and timely – we live in a strange moment when we need to believe we are not confined to life and death in order to make peace with being here at all – and yet people are constantly bombarded by the Mullahs…
Aside from that I thought your insights into the Gita were original and interesting.
Yoga – beautiful, you got its essence. 
This is an epic book that is going to be a source of inspiration for many people.  A light in dark times.
Swami Ambikananda

Your views and logic are so close to mine, it’s “spooky”… I wish I had an opportunity to talk with you for a day. Darwin Plus is very clear and so far, has opened my mind just a little more!
Chapter 11 was great, I’m now on chapter 12. I’m staying up late tonight.
Paul, USA

 ‘ I thought this would be good news to you. A friend of mine who read D+, wants to start a club on campus. The club will focus on discussing the ideas in D+ and how its message can be availed to other people, or how we could get other people to join and share views.’
Libertas, Namibia

 I found DarwinPlus a most enjoyable and thought-provoking read. A formidable amount of research into science, religion, philosophy and parapsychology has been made easily accessible even to one like me who is fairly ignorant of at least three of those subjects. The book is a real page-turner.
Guy Lyon Playfair, UK
So far, excellent – thought-provoking and very interesting. It’s obvious it’s been thoroughly researched.
It’s quite difficult to put down – very tempting to read on, so I’m rationing myself to a chapter at a time! It’s a very enjoyable read what with it being punctuated by your witty comments.
Jane, France
I’m about 1/3 of the way through… “and it’s fascinating! :)”

I must say I enjoyed the book and I’m not just saying that to be polite. I can’t believe how much information you’ve managed to gather together. The result is excellent. I liked being able to click on the hyperlinks and look at further information on the internet.The whole idea of D+ seems entirely logical to me. The whole concept of D+ simplifies many things and provides a lot more answers than materialism. I see the book as a resource that has started me on my own personal journey of discovery. The next thing I’m going to do is read it again, before branching off into some of the books in the bibliography.
My reason for reading this book was to see somebody else’s viewpoint as science and religion didn’t provide an answer for me. I didn’t start out to believe or disbelieve the theory. However, the overwhelming feeling I had throughout reading the book was that it just ‘felt’ right. 
The historical aspects were very insightful and gave me a better understanding of how/why science and religion are where they are.
Many thanks for writing the book.  I’m going to start reading it again tonight.
Kevin, UK.

Compelling stuff and a compelling read.
Nevil, UK

It reads very well and is quite gripping – I read 8 of the early chapters straight off. It needs thinking about and re and re thinking about.
Tricia, UK

Brilliant! I think this is an important work that could potentially help a lot of people of intelligent curiosity find explanations that make sense. It is not only brilliant from a ‘technical’ scientific perspective, it is wonderfully written. Witty & a very good (not to mention easy) read.
As you so adeptly point out, the dogmatic pronouncements of ‘Science’ & ‘Religion’ leave our intelligence insulted if we try to buy into the ‘orthodox’ view put forth by either side…
It is an important book that uncovers some very hidden things & should be read (& promoted) by as many people as possible.
It really is a wonderful book.
Mark, USA

First of all, congratulations! I think you have written an important book. Totally fascinating! I’m hooked. I can’t wait to find out where you are going with all this. Chapter on religion a real page turner. Please may I have some more?
Em, Australia

I’m finding it entertaining as well as informative, and appreciating the thorough analysis and research that’s gone into it. Long live free thought!
Lynda, UK

Just finished Darwin plus and must say that my only regret is that I don’t have a hard copy to pass on to my daughter when she’s old enough to understand the wisdom within. Also I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to write this book and especially for making me feel like a kid again when you described the mind boggling complexity of the human cell……WOW!
Russ, UK 

Bearing in mind that I do not usually read philosophy books for fun, you should qualify anything I say as the comments of a complete amateur on that speciality. However, like most people I like to think of myself as logical and reasonable, so that appeal in your argument was a strong one. I liked the blokey tone, belying the constant mixing of the complex philosophy with snatches of autobiography, scientific references, media savvy and much else. Starting from personal experience made it more immediate and helped give me a handle on the more difficult philosophy.
In short, I enjoyed it.
It’s a lively and good read, and it made me smile a lot. I think I mentioned before that in addition to the format you have written in, I think it would go down well in a broken down version of articles in e.g the review sections of The Grauniad and similar. Have you tried approaching them?
Gwynneth, UK

I think it’s interesting and original. What you propose is articulate, intelligent and well-written.
It’s good, too, to make this a personal account, to bring in your own experience, your own intellectual evolution. I don’t read much science so I don’t really know but I would’ve thought this was a unique, or at least a highly unusual approach.
It’s a massive undertaking, underpinned by much reading and thought.
Nick, UK

I read the Free Sample on my phone and it instilled a thirst for the whole book!(And later…) Amazing!! D+ is an excellent read. And, of course, it’s attention grabbing. What stands out about D+ is this; it does not force the reader to adopt what it says but it engages the reader into thinking.
Too bad Materialists would say you are against Science, but any rational thinker can see that you are against Bad Science.
(And later…) Finally done with D+. The humour in it made it an enjoyable read. Not only enjoyable, it engaged me to think, analyse, and re-think. I now see Materialism for what it is -non logical.
(And later still…) You opened a whole new world for me with D+. Some of the questions I couldn’t get answers to, you answered them with D+.
Libertas, Namibia.

Am only five chapters in and I’m fucking loving your book! Laughing my head off, posting bits on my wall and thanking Jesus h Christ Almighty that someone with a clear mind, good heart and a sense of humour can see through the Emperors New Clothes that is Materialism, Science (with a capital S), and Dawkins. (And later…) Its the personal story that humanises it and allows you to be so funny (you remind me of Terry Pratchett…) and makes it very readable. I love the way you use logic to get there..
Rodney, UK