On the Afterlife…

Most people seem to think that there is no way of knowing whether there is an afterlife, or ‘other life’ of some sort. But it seems to me that there is quite a lot of personal experience out there that does allow for some sort of Understanding of what ‘The Other’ life is like. The problem is that our society is so soaked in ‘Scientific’ Materialism that it automatically disregards all such personal reports as lies or demented ramblings or ‘unscientific’. Thus the evidence is consistently ignored or belittled. That does not stop it being available for critical examination by open minds.
My own impression of this Understanding (and it is only that, as I do not have any personal experience) is that just as we make our own lives and circumstances in This Life (in accordance with the wisdom or otherwise of our day-to-day choices and the consequent karma we attract) so too do we make our own Other Life.

This ‘making’ goes very deep. We actually fabricate, out of our own thought (expectation, desire) the world in which we will find ourself, precisely as we create all the elements and circumstances of our dreams every night.
Also, as thought is THE creative force, if our thoughts (desires expectations) chime with those of a lot of other people, we will all experience the same (or similar) surroundings in the Other Life, as our combined thought-power creates a more forcefully ‘real’ world for us. As an example, a Muslim will, if he expects it, go to the traditional Garden created by centuries of Muslim expectation; a Christian of a certain sort will find himself sitting on a cloud with a harp, and a Hindu might well play a flute alongside Krishna.
The key to this Understanding is to realise  that Mind is All, from the creation of the universe, right down to what you and I perceive as ‘normal’ reality. Our (mental) perceptions (and moreso, our interpretations) are what make our own personal Reality. We each have our own reality, shared more or less by other people who think (desire) similarly.
Ultimately, this Understanding says, none of these Other Worlds actually and impartially exist, just as the world in our dreams does not ultimately exist, but dissipates as soon as we awaken. All these worlds, dream-worlds, and ‘afterlife’ or ‘heaven’ worlds are fabrications of the minds of the people who create them. Ultimately, there is only One Reality, which is the power behind every power we can conceive of. This power is thus ‘ineffable’, as being so far beyond our comprehension that it is a waste of time to even begin trying to understand it.

This Understanding, as I have tried to explain it, seems to be common to the esoteric side of all religions, with varying local emphases. (I look into this a little in my book ‘DarwinPlus!’)

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