Mr Grooby and Me

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‘Mr Grooby and Me’

The stuff I discovered while researching for DarwinPlus! has led me to completely rethink my world view. What is real? Who are we? Who am I? What is fixed and what is fluid?
Eventually, I thought it might be fun to write a novel based around a couple of these puzzles, to share them with other people. The result has been Mr Grooby and Me.


It’s a whodunit with a couple of differences. Firstly, it has its amusing and silly moments. I just find it impossible to take the world totally seriously, and hope to give the reader a few smiles.
The other difference is that the story involves an element of the paranormal. Some people still think of the paranormal as being an impossibility, but gradually the tide is turning in favour of people who are open-minded enough to have independently considered the mountains of evidence and to think for themselves, not just rely on what television scientists keep preaching at us.

It’s hard to give a quick summary of Mr Grooby without giving the story away, but maybe these points will help:

John Jones, casual countryside labourer, has been left by his wife and young daughter for unclear reasons and is trying to track them down. He then discovers that his acquaintance/friend Mr Grooby is dead on the carpet of his living-room. He is holding a few Tarot cards. This means nothing to JJ, but there is something about the circumstances that leads Sergeant Chissle to think JJ killed Mr G. JJ is, naturally, distraught.
But help arrives from an unexpected quarter, and then more help from a very unexpected quarter. Bit by bit the truth of what has occurred is revealed. And I bet you can’t guess what comes next…..

Meanwhile, JJ helps Kev put up a new barn. The paint proves to be a trial for Kev, as does his terminally clapped-out JCB. Boris the cat is a trial for everybody.

And yes, the wife and daughter do turn up. But all is not what it seems…

Readers’ Comments so far:

‘Very funny and entertaining! I found it a ‘real page turner’ as they say!’
Helen C.


‘I really enjoyed it! It flows well and is full of brilliant visual imagery and dialogue. It has a great rounded ending.It is original, funny and even philosophical!’
Tricia B.  

‘The book is really, really good. It’s very philosophical and very cleverly written. I would highly recommend it.’
Emma M, Manager, Waterstone’s Carmarthen

240pp, a few smiles, plenty of mystery, and some food for thought. If you’d like to read Mr Grooby and Me click below to pay via PayPal.