Hello again….

Gosh… It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on a blog. This is partly because I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook these days, saying what I want to say on the Philosophy page, trying to drum up a bit of interest in DarwinPlus!, but mainly because every other spare minute seems to be taken up with Computer Fiddling (and Cursing).

First I had the blitz of 30,000 spams last November. Then my PC decided it had probably had enough and asked to be buried next to the old kettle in the orchard. Then the new PC needed bedding in. Then…. oh, I don’t know.. stuff just piled up. Transferring the website from its previous guardians who had become increasingly difficult to contact. All very difficult…. and costing more that I can realistically expect to recoup!

Then the ‘broadband’, never very broad in the first place, sank below dial-up speed, and repeated telephone calls offered no respite. One ‘helper’ suggested I buy a new microfilter from Tesco. He was surprised when I suggested that maybe The Post Office, whom I was paying for the service, should provide a new microfilter. I had a spare filter as it happened, and no… it made no difference at all.
It’s all rubbish anyway…. the PO have no clout with BT, who really provide the ‘service’. It’s the price we pay for living in the country, despite all the Optimistic Promises ‘they’ constantly spend millions on advertising. Our broadband is pathetic, and is likely to remain so for the next 20 years. We don’t matter.

THEN…. just as I thought I’d managed to get DarwinPlus! into a suitable state for publishing online… my copy of Word 2010 packed up on me. It totally refused to ‘Save’, either as a Word file or as a PDF.  I spent £20 with the local fixer, but it was no better. Eventually I somehow managed to ‘fix’ it myself by uninstalling the default PDF Reader (at the sixth attempt) and then simply deleting the whole Word file and starting again from an emergency back-up file I’d kept on a separate netbook. I’ve no idea what the actual problem was.

Days later, I’ve re-edited the entire book and am now knackered.

I’ll try to add sometihng to this blog a bit more regularly now!

Hwyl     Chas

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