DarwinPlus! Evolution, Science, Religion and the Paranormal

Hello! It’s likely that you will have been directed here by a YouTube video, and might be wondering what on earth this DarwinPlus! book/idea/nonsense is all about.

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The book began with me wondering as a teenager why my biology teacher wasn’t interested in a ghost I’d been told about, and why he kept telling us we were all just water and chemicals. I was puzzled at what made him so certain that ghosts were nonsense, despite being consistently reported by every culture in all periods of history. And, if I was just inert chemicals, how come I could think and play chess and laugh? Just chemicals? Didn’t make sense….

Much later I thought I’d see if I could unravel this mystery using only logic and began reading and researching. How did I get on?

Well yes, I did unravel the mystery of why science won’t investigate spooks, at least to my own satisfaction, and indeed using only logic. Secondly, I found that all sorts of discoveries I’d made en route blended seamlessly into each other, so that many more mysteries began to resolve themselves. For example:

  • Why science wasn’t interested in such things as hypnotism or intuition.
  • And why religion seemed to have such a hard time with accepting Darwinian evolution, seeing as Darwin himself required ‘a Creator’.
  • And why scientists seemed to react to religion, mediums, hauntings etc with consistent amusement or abuse.
  • And, to my great surprise, what the paranormal is really all about.

I wasn’t expecting any of this stuff when I began reading and researching. And I also discovered, to my astonishment, how science and religion might be very easily reconciled. It’s very very simple… I repeat that my only assumption was a belief in logic, and I found it did not fail me. I tried very hard for many years to find flaws or paradoxes in my conclusions, but failed to find any. I asked friends and they could find none either; and neither could a series of editors and thoughtful readers.

The third thing about my research is that it is very difficult indeed to talk about it in just a few words. This is not because the material or ideas are in any way difficult. In fact they are simpler than most people would ever imagine. But rather it is because in order for the whole package to make sense I think it important to begin at the beginning, so we can agree on a common starting point….

I’ve written the book as a personal journey, as indeed it was for me, starting with my teenage puzzlement, and ending with what I think you’ll find is a coherent world view that makes absolute sense. There is one, and only one, serious philosophical casualty en route. I’ll leave you to read through the relevant passages to follow the logic for yourself. It takes a bit of time, as this particular philosophy is one that influences every one of us at an extremely profound level; so extreme, that it is unnoticed, or at best accepted as an unquestionable Truth, whereas in fact it is the polar opposite of a Truth, and is the greatest toxin the world currently faces (and no….it isn’t ‘Evolution’!). I think it is no exaggeration to say that all our social woes derive from it. We will remove it one day, I’m certain. But it will only happen when enough people have read and thoroughly understood the ideas in DarwinPlus!

I realise that this sounds unbelievably conceited, but it isn’t really. I claim no originality for most of what’s in the book. All I’ve done is to re-package a few ancient and consistent ideas for a modern curious reader, and added a few oddments of my own to help show their relevance to modern science and society. I’m absolutely certain that the ideas I deal with will one day be taken up, but it will take at least thirty years, and a few more books by other people harping on the same themes as I develop in DarwinPlus! New ideas, even if they are mainly very old ideas, take a long time to be accepted by an Establishment deeply wedded to a Dogma, no matter that the dogma is clearly a ridiculous and dangerous one. There’s a little more detail in the Synopsis below. If you’d like to try a bit of the book to see if you can get on with it, please download the Free Sample.

All three files are PDFs in pretty high and crisp definition.

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