Five Forces…

It seems to me that the next decade or two are pretty crucial for Mankind and his poor long-suffering planet. I see five forces being the most important:

1The incalculable effect of the rise of China. Napoleon once said ‘Let China sleep, for when she wakes, the world will tremble’. Quite so.We ain’t seen nothing yet. Will China economically colonise all of central Africa, and with what result? Will she come to absorb the major part of the world’s diminishing resources? And what effect will this have on the stability of the USA and hence on the balance of world powers?

2 Pollution and Global Warming. Catastrophe for us all waits just around the corner if the governments of the world, particularly those of the developed and developing worlds can’t bang their heads together to work out something just and rational that will stop the rot.

3 The power of the multinationals, including banks. They have no sense of responsibility or morality, and will terminally plunder the wealth of us all and the planet unless prevented by either multinational government, or People Pester Power.

4 The internet in all its guises. New media might challenge the monopoly that a few unpricipled money-monkeys like Murdoch, Berlusconi etc have on world ‘news’ and mind control. We’ve seen the value of networking sites recently in Egypt. It is becoming increasingly difficult for tyrants to keep truth at bay and populations misinformed and subservient. Networking will also develop pester power via such sites as Avaaz, and will organise increasingly effective boycotts of companies who abuse people, animals and the planet. The www is a powerful force for bringing democracy.

5 The growing influence of women. Over the last twenty years or so, women have been quietly getting on with liberating themselves, to the benefit of all. They have brought their nurturing/cooperative talents with them, and have an excellent record in the business world in the west. In the developing world, the Grameen Bank and similar initiatives is slowly but surely increasing the influence and power of women in ‘traditional’ societies.

I might add ‘destruction of the world’s soil by crass farming methods’ but I guess that probably comes under ‘Pollution’ up to a point. I’m optimistic that the potential for People Pester Power inherent in the www might develop some powerful boycott campaigns against eg GMOs and animal abuse and the supermarkets etc that promote or encourage them.

What do you think? What have I missed? Or am I just plain wrong!

Namaste Chas


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