April, bless her

Hello! My name’s Chas Griffin and Third Leaf Books is the publishing company/website I set up to sell my first self-published book (Scenes from a Smallholding) from, way back in oooh…. 2003? Can’t remember. A long time ago, anyway.

Since then I’ve written a couple more books, and it seems to make sense to offer them for sale via the same website, even if they’ve been published by someone else, ie:  More Scenes from a Smallholding, and the brand new Scenes from a Vegetable Plot.

There are a couple more efforts on offer, or nearly so, probably exclusively as ebooks. This is partly because Proper Publishers seem to only want to publish The Wayne Rooney Book of Microwave Pizzas or the near equivalent. Anything a bit original or different is of no interest, it seems. Actually, they’re all frightened to death of the internet and don’t know how to deal with it. Thus they are retreating to safety. No doubt they’ll catch up one day, but meanwhile, I think I’ll stick with self-publishing ebooks.

Thus you will find only my own efforts on this website. A handful of books, a play, possibly, and probably the odd photograph. If I can get organised enough, I’ll put up a new snap or two every week, just for fun. Here’s one for starters…

A flahr.

This version of the website is brand new, and will probably have a few teething problems. I apologise for these, and ask that you help me sort them out by reporting them via the Contact Us system. The ‘Us’, of course, is just me and the dog, and the dog’s no flipping use seeing as the poor old feller died a few years ago. I do miss him. Apart from all the fun we had, he seemed to understand computers and the internet rather better than I do. Good at licking postage stamps too.

The books currently available are listed down the column on the left. One click and you’re there. Sometimes you will have the option of reading an extract or two. Once I get the hang of how to untangle all the ropes and pulleys of this website, I’ll add more. And I understand that I can run a blog on this site too. I’ll probably let my old blogs on Blogger/Blogspot just drift off into cybersheol and re-start on this site. Makes more sense…. and no more headaches trying to log in. Ah! Simplicity beckons!

If you think you’d like to buy a book, you will be guided to the PayPal system. I hope it’s all straightforward. If you have any problem, please let me know. Please note that you can buy only one title at a time via PayPal. If you suddenly decide to buy one of everything for Grannie’s birthday, you’ll have to make several separate purchases, I’m afraid. Maybe it’ll be possible to offer package deals, at a discount? I’ll look into it. Any news (special offers, Nobel Prizes, etc) and new releases will be plonked onto this page, too. The current new book is called Scenes from a Vegetable Plot.  I’m also offering a new ebook which is entirely different from my previous efforts. It’s taken over twenty years to research and write, and is called, rather snappily, I think, DarwinPlus! Evolution, Science, Religion and the Paranormal… a Reconciliation. There’s a clue to what it’s about in the title. More details on the DarwinPlus! page. It could change your life by reading it as it did mine by writing it (no.. seriously).

That’s about it. I hope you enjoy pottering about on the website, and that you might be tempted to try one of my offerings. Tens of thousands of people already have taken the gamble, and I’ve heard back from only one dissatisfied customer (who seemed to be a bit short on the sense of humour department), and have received scores of positive letters from people who enjoyed the book (take a look at ‘Reviews’ and ‘Flyer’ on the Scenes from a Smallholding page).


Scenes from a Vegetable Plot: Growing Organic is EASY!

Click here for details.



Evolution, Science, Religion and the Paranormal

Click here for details.

That’s about it, I think. Time to get on with the day’s chores.

I wish you a joyful day filled with sunshine and puppies. Chas G.